Car Rental RequirementsMany of our rental customers want to come prepared so they don’t encounter any surprises to hinder their travels. We get it. Planning a trip can be stressful enough. That’s why our team at Simple Van and Car Rental makes our policies readily available and is ready to answer all our customers’ questions.

One such question we get often is: What do you I need in order to rent a car? Let us help clear things up.


First, know that you have to be at least 21 years of age to both rent and drive any of our cars. We cannot make exceptions to this rule, so if you’re not 21, you may want to have a friend or family member travel to Newark or Union City, NJ, with you as the designated driver.


You must prove your age and that you’re a licensed driver by providing us a copy of a valid drivers license. 

Credit or Debit Card

Please have a major credit or debit card, and bring it with you when you come to pick up your car rental. This requirement is part of the domestic security compliance, and if you have further questions about it, please ask our staff.

Proof of Insurance

By signing the rental agreement, you agree to provide liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance covering you, us, and the rental car. In order to drive one of our rental cars, SUVs, or vans, you must be able to provide us with an insurance card for your personal vehicle (not a commercial vehicle).

Find Out More

If you need to further clarify any of our requirements, be sure to read through our policies, or contact us at (201) 355-2525 during regular business hours. Our staff will gladly answer your questions and help you find just the right car rental for your time in New Jersey. When you’re ready to move ahead, we can make a reservation for you over the phone, or you can book a rental online anytime.


photo credit: New Car Keys via flickr license


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