The season is finally shifting from the frigid air that’s kept us inside for months to some gradually warmer days with longer stretches of sunshine. If you would like to get out and enjoy the spring air, there are plenty of ways for you to indulge your senses. Simple Van and Car Rental has a fleet of passenger vans that could accommodate your family or friends as you venture out and explore the city this year. Let’s take a look at some outdoor activities you might enjoy in New York this spring, accessible from your van rental.

Passenger Van Rental in New York

1. Soak in the Beauty of Central Park

Central Park, an iconic destination in New York City, is a natural paradise nestled within skyscrapers. The perfect place to witness spring in full bloom, you can enjoy leisurely walks flanked by cherry blossoms, tulips, and daffodils. Pack a picnic lunch to eat on the Great Lawn, or rent a rowboat to drift along the lake. 

2. Discover Botanical Gardens

If you want to continue with a nature theme, perfect for the season of new growth, there are some botanical gardens in the city worthy of a visit. You could meander through the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx or the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to see a variety of beautiful blooms.

3. Explore Local Cherry Blossoms

There are plenty of outdoor spaces across the city to enjoy the all-too-fleeting cherry blossom season while they are on full display. In addition to Central Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, you can view some cherry blossoms at Green-Wood Cemetery, Little Island, Riverside Park, Randalls Island Park, and Roosevelt Island. 

4. Enjoy Outdoor Dining Again

Quaint restaurants and eateries abound in the Big Apple, and it’s always a pleasurable experience to enjoy your meal in the open air. Whether you choose a farmers’ market with seasonal farm-to-table fare, a whimsical sidewalk cafe, or a modern rooftop bar, there is something to appeal to every appetite.

Reserve Your Passenger Van

Simple Van and Car Rental has a fleet of vans waiting to escort you on your spring getaway to New York City. Just make your reservation for a 12-passenger van rental or 15-passenger van rental to ensure you have plenty of space to experience the city with your travel companions comfortably. Contact us today at (201) 355-2525 or reserve online to commence your spring plans. We serve Newark and Union City, New Jersey, and the New York City area with our affordable and high-quality rentals.

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