Are you embarking on a road trip with your family or friends this summer, departing from the Newark, New Jersey area? Renting a passenger van from Simple Van and Car Rental will ensure a comfortable and affordable journey to your destination. In addition to renting from our fleet, here are seven more tips for a relaxed road trip in a passenger van.

Passenger Van Rentals

1. Choose the Right-Sized Van

First and foremost, you need to choose the proper size van for your trip. We offer 12-passenger van rentals and 15-passenger van rentals that can accommodate your group with plenty of space for people and luggage.

2. Bring Plenty of Water and Snacks

No drive to an out-of-town destination is complete without road trip snacks! Be sure to bring a variety of options for everyone and plenty of water to stay hydrated.

3. Plan Your Stops in Advance

It would be helpful to search along your route and see which towns or exits are ideal for stops, especially if you’ve never traveled that particular route before. If you have a favorite restaurant, find out if you will pass by any locations.

4. Pack Some Entertainment 

Make the most of your time on the road by bringing along some entertainment to keep everyone busy. Books, magazines, and games are all excellent options, as well as downloading podcasts, audiobooks, movies, and music.

5. Bring Comfortable Accessories

Keep all your passengers happy on the journey with accessories that will make the trip more comfortable. Neck pillows, light blankets, eye masks, and earplugs can help weary travelers get some rest.

6. Stay Connected to the Outside

Staying connected to the outside world can help prevent the feeling of being detached from everyone else. Ensure you have chargers for all the devices, and everyone can remain connected as much or as little as they want.

7. Prepare for Emergencies

It’s always wise to bring an emergency kit to prepare you for anything that could happen along the way. You could stock it with first aid items, a car-sick bag, an anti-choking device, and a flashlight to give everyone peace of mind.

Make Your Reservation 

Simple Van and Car Rental has been providing high-quality rentals for 15 years. Our passenger van rentals are the best option for extra space! Contact us today at (201) 355-2525 or reserve online to get your summer group trip planning started. We serve Newark and Union City, New Jersey, and the New York City area with our passenger vans.

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