Finding the perfect rental car is easy when you’re dealing with Simple Van and Car Rental in NJ. Find just what you need from our extensive selection of rental car options. If a luxury car is too big, but a compact car is too small, a mid-size may be just right. We make finding the ideal vehicle as simple as possible. We won’t hassle you with extra fees, upsells, or mileage limitations either. Browse our full selection of available cars and make a reservation online or call us at (201) 355-2525 for more information.

Honda Civic or similar

  • Number of Passengers: 5
  • Doors: 4
  • Luggage Capacity: 3-4
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Stereo: AM/FM w/ CD player
  • A/C, Power windows & locks
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Save Money with a Rental Car

An affordable option for a long-term trip or weekend getaway, a mid-size rental car is both economical and spacious. With the capacity to hold up to five people — two in the front and three in the back — this vehicle has room for passengers and their luggage. In addition, a mid-size boasts better gas mileage than a full-size car or SUV, so you’ll save a significant amount on fuel as you cruise to, from, and around your destination.

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Planning a weekend beach getaway in NJ with the kids? A mid-size rental car has plenty of backseat legroom for your children and all their gear. With top-of-the-line safety features to boot, mid-size rental cars may be the ideal choice for your next family trip. We serve eastern New Jersey, including Newark, Union City, and the NYC area. Additionally, we offer airport car rentals for the Newark Liberty International Airport.

The Choice is Simple

At Simple Van and Car Rental in New Jersey we will do everything possible to provide the best rental for your unique needs. A mid-size car has a great mix of space and affordability and may be the best pick for your next trip. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions to ensure a stress-free process. All of our cars, vans, and SUVs are well-maintained and detailed after each rental, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance issues on the road. Check our current specials and contact us today at (201) 355-2525.