When it comes to having a hassle-free NJ vacation, you want a positive car rental experience. Your first big step is to skip the huge rental companies and come to NJ’s rental expert: Simple Van and Car Rental. With easy access to Newark, Union City, and the Newark Airport, we offer local service and reliable cars. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your rental stress low as you explore New Jersey.

car rental

1. Book your car rental early.

When it comes to getting the car you want, you cannot make a reservation too early. The longer you wait, the more you risk not getting your ideal rental. Plus, after you’ve made a reservation, you can rest easy that the task is done, and you can turn your attention to other trip details.

2. Check out the specials.

Don’t book a car, truck, or van without first checking out our rental specials. In addition to our already competitive rates, we often feature additional incentives that make your car rental even more affordable. You can check out the specials online or ask us about them when you call to make a reservation.

3. Keep us in the loop.

There’s no need for you to stay at the airport longer than necessary. If you’re flying into Newark Airport, be sure to let us know when your plane arrives. That way, we can arrange pick-up service to bring you to our office and your rental car.

4. Read through the details.

We encourage all of our customers to read through our rental policies so you know what we expect and what’s expected of you. Knowing these details in advance will help you avoid any surprises and can better help you prepare to pick up and return your car.

These few tips should help minimize any rental stress and make the most of your NJ getaway. To make your reservation, contact Simple Van at (201) 355-2525, or book your rental online.


photo credit: WRX Hdr via photopin (license)

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