Has it been awhile since you had a family trip? If so, it’s very important to consider one. The benefits of traveling with your kids are many. It’s more than just having fun together—family trips create deep-rooted memories for everyone involved and can even help with your children’s mind expansion. We at Simple Van & Car Rental have heard some truly incredible stories from families who have just returned from vacation.

Here are some of the best reasons for traveling as a family.

It Allows for De-Stressing

If you’re like most families, day-to-day routines including work, school, errands, homework, and very little family time can wear you down as a group. According to studies, this daily stress can become negative when individuals face continuous challenges without relief or relaxation. It’s even been proven that kids who take a vacation and return to school get higher grades.

Why Traveling Is Good for Kids
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Kids Can Experience New Things

Traveling with your children can help them to discover new places and people. By getting them outside of their usual routine, you’re providing them with the opportunity for new adventures that may very well re-shape how they see the world around them. This doesn’t mean you have to take them to Paris—you can take them to a local science or history museum for their minds to expand.  

You Can Connect with Each Other

Studies have shown that family travel improves communication, shared experiences, and bonding. When you have the same travel experiences together with your children, you will create memories that will be a source of happiness for them for decades.


As you can see, the benefits of family travel are many. If you’re interested in taking a vacation or trip of your own with your children, please note that Simple Van & Car Rental provides all sorts of van rentals for travel in the Newark and Union City, NJ, area. Whether you’re looking for a sprinter van, a minivan, or passenger van, we can help! Call us today at (201) 355-2525 for more details.

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