Passenger Van Rental NJYou know you need a van rental for your next excursion, but you’re struggling to decide between a minivan and the next size up, the passenger van. You’ve never really driven a passenger van before, so that 15-seater is a bit intimidating. However, our staff here at Simple Van and Car Rental of New Jersey is here to tell you that a passenger van might just be a life saver.

Here are the top-three reasons our customers here in the Newark area choose a passenger van rental.

1. Enjoy more space.

The most obvious perk of such a large van is its space. Whether you’re traveling with a group or have a good amount of luggage, you can fit quite a bit into a 15-passenger van. And in case the 15-passenger still seems a bit looming, you can also choose from 8-, 10- and 12-passenger models.

2. Avoid the caravan.

If you’re traveling as a group, caravanning can be near impossible. Even with walkie talkies or cell phones, it can be a hassle to try to stay together and travel at the same speed. You can avoid all that hassle and just enjoy being together in a passenger van. These vans were built for group travel and can make your life quite a bit easier, especially when you’re going outside Newark or Union City.

3. Save money.

When you consider the number of people you can fit into one vehicle, our competitive rates, and special offers, renting a passenger van becomes quite affordable. It gives you all the basics you need to travel together, filling up only one gas tank as you go.

To find out more about our passenger vans, contact Simple Van and Car Rental today at (201) 355-2525. You can also book online anytime. Let Simple Van and Car Rental be your solution to reliable and affordable rental cars in the greater Newark, NJ, area.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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