When you plan a vacation or a business trip, reserving a rental car is one of the first things that comes to mind. Did you know, though, that rental companies also rent passenger and cargo vans? In fact, there are many reasons people rent a sprinter van in Palisades, New Jersey, and New York. Simple Van and Car Rental share the top five reasons to rent a sprinter van in this post. 


The Top 5 Reasons To Rent a Sprinter Van in New Jersey


1. Traveling with a Group

Anyone who has ever tried to lead a car to a destination with a vehicle following behind them understands that things can go wrong. A green light turns red that leaves the other vehicle stuck at an intersection, or someone pulls in front of the trailing car, and they lose you. When cars travel in packs of more than two, it increases the degree of difficulty required to trail a line of vehicles. 

One of the best things you can do to ensure everyone arrives at a shared destination on time and together is to rent a passenger sprinter van. Sprinter vans handle well and offer tons of space for passengers. Moreover, passengers can enjoy their time together when riding together as a group. Finally, group travel alleviates the challenge of assuring everyone coordinates plans, and that communication happens with everyone in the group. Both 12- and 15-foot passenger vans are available so you can transport your group in comfort. 

2. Delivering Commercial Supplies

Your business may have one company vehicle or a fleet. Still, sometimes cars break down with no backup available. Renting a cargo van means you can continue to do business, and most business owners find the revenue they earn more than makes up for the small rental cost. 

Whether you deliver packages or carry tools and products to perform installations and other services, a cargo van provides the room to load up materials. 

3. Sightseeing Trip

When you hit the road to go sightseeing, especially if you’re with a large family or group, renting a passenger van could be a great option. First, it keeps everyone together. Second, it facilitates conversation so that you can enjoy the experience together. Finally, it provides room so that all passengers can ride in comfort with plenty of space to spread out and relax. 

4. Hauling Materials to a Trade Show

As trade shows gear up again, people reacclimate to changes. One of the ways people adjust is by trying to cut costs as they re-emerge into the trade show world. Specifically, one of the ways to adjust is to rent a cargo van to haul trade show materials, instead of having them shipped. 

5. Moving Furniture

Depending on how much you need to move, a cargo van may not work for moving an entire house. However, it could be perfect for moving a small office or piece of furniture. If you find a piece of furniture online or need to transport something but don’t have the vehicle to do it, use a cargo van instead. 

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