Moving day is stressful! Between packing, cleaning, and heavy lifting, you need the right tools to make a difficult job a little easier. Create a moving strategy as a plan of attack. You’ll need a strong support system including moving buddies and moving equipment. Contact the van rental experts at Simple Van and Car Rental to reserve a cargo van for moving day.

Thinking ahead and building a moving day plan puts you ahead of the game. Here are some great tips for decreasing the stress during your move this fall.

Secure the necessary equipment Cargo Van Rental

Very few of us have large vehicles capable of storing and transporting moving day volume. Reserving the right equipment helps to minimize trips and maximize efforts. A cargo van rental is a great, low-cost solution. We also offer minivans, Sprinter vans, passenger vans, and SUVs that can be helpful during a move. Whatever your moving day needs, we have you covered!

Don’t hesitate to ask for helpMoving Day

Everyone has moved at one time or another. Reach out to friends and family, letting them know about your moving day plans. Many hands make for light work. Offer to share your services in the future, and you’ll get some volunteers to help with your upcoming move. Plan for a celebratory ending in thanks for the extra set of hands.

Curb hangry behavior

Stress is always escalated when you’re hungry. Moving day is a long, tiring process that doesn’t afford many stopping points. Make sure you have an ample supply of food, snacks, and water. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is a phrase that comes more easily when you’re full and hydrated.

Moving is an exciting, but stressful experience. Make the best of the situation by gathering your resources ahead of time. By securing a rental van, moving crew, and meals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to move. Get a head start, and reserve your cargo van from Simple Van and Car Rental at (201) 355-2525.

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