Transportation tips for group travel often assume that the number of people coming along for the ride consists of 4-6, which the average sedan or minivan could accommodate. However, when your group consists of a dozen people, the need for a larger vehicle is crucial, as carpooling in numerous cars increases the cost of your vacation. At Simple Van and Car Rental serving New Jersey, we have some convenient solutions for finding the right van rental to fit 12 passengers comfortably for your road trip.

How to Rent a 12 Passenger Van in New Jersey

1) Find a Model That Fits 12 Passengers

For renting a van that is spacious enough for 12 passengers, we have a couple of great options for your transportation. First, our 12-passenger van rental is a Ford Transit or similar model that is roomy enough for a dozen-sized crew and their luggage to boot. We also offer various Sprinter van rentals that can fit 12 passengers. These luxury van rentals have premium technological features and comfortable seating as well.

2) Decide on Your Route

Once you’ve selected the van rental type to accommodate 12 passengers, you’ll need to see what mileage plan would work best for your group. Different van rental companies have varying policies on what mileage plans they offer, so determining your route will help you tally up the daily mileage. At Simple Van for example, we have daily and weekly rates for 100 miles, 200 miles, and unlimited miles per day. The option of 100 miles may be perfect for those traveling near New Jersey. If you’re going down south or to the west coast, then unlimited miles is more fitting for cross-country excursions.

3) Check the Van Rental Company’s Reviews

Deciding where to rent a 12-passenger van from is more complex than deciding on the van type and mileage. Ensuring that you’ll receive not only the van rental that you requested but also at the quote you were given is important, as some travelers have experienced major disappointments in hidden fees and overbookings at companies with less than stellar reputations. Checking online reviews will help you determine if the van rental company is trustworthy.

Our 5-star reviews at Simple Van speak for themselves. If you need a Sprint van rental or 12-passenger van rental in New Jersey, call us at (201) 355-2525, or request a reservation online.

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