There are some obvious reasons why renting a van is a smart choice. For many soccer parents and hobbyists, the open space of a cargo van is priceless. However, there are many other benefits to renting a van. In addition to the extra wide cargo spaces, these 12- and 15-passenger vehicles have many advantages to them, and they are in top condition as required by the New Jersey Lemon Law. We at Simple Van and Car Rental take pride in our vehicles and love to showcase their unique advantages by renting them. Call (201) 355-2525 for more details. 

road trip

Share Driving 

Sing-alongs and inspiring speeches are essential to any road trip. Driving to a far away game or a campsite can be a tremendously powerful bonding experience. Don’t miss out on all the fun! Rent a van! When you share the driving responsibilities, you are not only taking a well-deserved break, but you get to be a part of the action.

Save Money 

Renting a cargo van is an obvious solution to avoiding the costs of an Uber. However, when considering your options on a grander scale, you realize that it’s more than just expensive Uber fees that you could be splitting. Not only will you be saving money on gas, but with the extra space, you can bring more with you and take more home. Avoid having to buy toiletries or gas station snacks by packing more and spending less. 

Decrease Pollution 

Many people do not realize how much pollution motor vehicles actually produce. During a study conducted by the EPA, on-road vehicles are responsible for about 75 percent of the carbon monoxide pollution in the United States. Do the responsible thing by decreasing this number and carpooling as much as possible. 

We at Simple Van and Car Rental love vans and would love to share our expertise with the rest of New Jersey. Call (201) 355-2525 to learn about our lowest price guarantee or reserve online.


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