Figuring out the logistics of traveling with a large group can be a major pain. Trying to do it on a budget can be even harder. That’s why Simple Van and Car Rental is happy to make the process a little easier. We’ve put together a few tips and factors to think through before you reserve your group’s ride, whether you need a minivan or passenger van. 

4 Tips for Pickin the Right Van Rental

1. Start with a goal.

At the end of the day, what’s your primary focus for renting a van? Is cost your main concern, so you’re looking for the cheapest available, no matter what? Or is comfort your focus, and you want great features like onboard CD player, passenger space, and lots of storage space? If you have a solid goal in mind when you begin the process, you’ll be able to eliminate options that won’t work for you much faster. 

2. Know your group size. 

The number of passengers you plan on transporting is a big consideration. You want to be sure to have enough space for everyone to travel comfortably, especially if you’ll be on the road around Newark, Union City, or New York City. For example, even though a minivan has seating for seven people, it would be cramped, especially with luggage. So, you may want to choose a passenger van instead so you can have some extra space, especially for long trips. 

3. Know your budget.

It’s super helpful to know how much you can or want to pay to rent a van. But remember that the cheapest option might not come with the best customer service. Don’t sacrifice good service or a reliable van just to save a few bucks. Trust us, we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories from people who choose cheap over service. Looking for deals? Be sure to also check out the rental specials, which can make renting a van even more affordable.

4. Read customer reviews.

You want to rent a van from a company that’s reliable, professional, and customer-oriented. Check out online customer reviews, or talk to friends who have used a specific company in the past.

We want to make every van rental experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. To ensure a stress-free trip, our team will answer any questions you have before you get on the road. We even offer secure and gated customer parking for personal vehicles during the rental period. In addition to vans, we also offer car rentals and SUV rentals. Contact us at (201) 355-2525 to request a reservation now.

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