You have a group of people you need to transport around New Jersey. The minivan rental just isn’t going to cut it, but the passenger van rental just reminds you of traveling to little league away games. How can you get your group where they need to go without sacrificing comfort? Consider these three reasons for booking a Sprinter van rental from Simple Van and Car Rental.

1. Cargo Space

Sprinter van rentals are known for their cargo and passenger space. If you have a good amount of luggage or gear to take with you, a Sprinter van rental provides optimal cargo area for everyone in your group.

2. Elbow Room

What comes with added cargo space is enough room for your passengers to ride comfortably. Sprinter van rentals can fit up to 12 passengers—and you can even opt for the extended cab that gives you even more space.

3. Visual Appeal

Let’s face it: Sprinter van rentals just look better than passenger van rentals. So if you want to rent a van that feels more like a special occasion than a field trip, consider a Sprinter van rental.

Check out our Sprinter van rentals from Simple Van and Car Rental of New Jersey, and be sure to see whether you qualify for any of our current rental specials. To make a van rental reservation, contact Simple Van and Car Rental at (201) 355-2525, or you can fill out our online reservation request form.

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