At Simple Van and Car Rental in New Jersey, we have a whole fleet of different car and van rentals to suit the various needs of our customers. Our cargo van rentals are more versatile than what meets the eye. Although cargo vans are useful for businesses that need to make deliveries, individuals can also find renting a cargo van useful for other personal avenues. Let’s explore some of the most popular ways our customers like to use our cargo van rentals.

1) Skip the Moving Truck

Whether it’s relocating within the same zip code or switching to a whole new city, it’s crucial you have a vehicle that can handle loads of furniture, appliances, and clothing during the drive. Tired of asking your relative if you can use their pickup truck? Don’t have enough stuff to justify the costs of hiring a moving company? The easy solution is renting a cargo van for transporting your items on move-in day.

2) Make Your DIY Project Easier

DIY is all the rage nowadays. Between saving money and customizing a room for personal taste, remodeling projects are popular for updating a New Jersey property. The downside of not hiring a professional home improvement crew is that you may not have the right set of wheels to be carting around the painting supplies, ladders, and cabinets. Make the back-and-forth between the store and renovated property easier by renting a cargo van.

3) Gear Up for Your Next Gig

Cargo vans are incredibly spacious, meaning they’re great for packing up gear for an event. For local games, cargo vans are perfect for storing fold-up chairs, coolers, and sporting equipment. If music is more your thing, you can store your band equipment in a cargo van for simplified travel between gigs in New Jersey.

Have any questions about our cargo van rentals at Simple Van? Call our office at (201) 355-2525 to learn about our quality van rentals and policies. Request a cargo van online to check for availability and rates.

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